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    Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Delegated Admins

    For CSP Managed Services Providers, the use of Delegated Admin via Microsoft Partner Center is the life blood for properly providing support to your clients. But what if when accessing a client’s admin center, you receive an error stating “Sign-in failed”. By clicking “Try again” it will send you to your tenants’ admin center instead […]

    2018-11-19 Office 365 Adoption

    Using Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies in Office 365

    What does Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in Office 365 do? It detects sensitive information by using deep content analysis. It can also identify sensitive data without affecting people who work with the rest of the content. Once they are created, DLP Policies are stored and synchronized to content sources such as: Exchange Online OneDrive for […]

    2018-11-14 Office 365 Adoption

    Office 2019 Launched for Windows and Mac OS

    As of Tuesday 9/24, Microsoft launched Office 2019 for both Windows and MacOs and giving its most valued customers, volume licenses, first dibs at the application suite. Also Microsoft did select a successor to Office 2019. This ended speculation that this release would be the last outside of a subscription. Office 2019 will roll out […]

    2018-09-28 Office 365 Adoption

    How to access a deleted OneDrive for Business User Account

    The question was asked, “How can I access the OneDrive for Business of a deleted user account?” The question arose from the need to review OneDrive content of a departed member of staff. Office 365 allows you to delegate access to a deleted user’s OneDrive for Business to their manager.  For this to work, the […]

    2018-09-20 Office 365 Adoption

    SharePoint Online Mobile App Updates

    With these new updates to SharePoint Online mobile app, find and discover people, content and answers all on the go. SharePoint brings the power of AI direct to your mobile device – to unlock discover-ability, provide smoother navigation and cleaner aesthetics. In the in-between moments at work, save time and prioritize without hunting through the […]

    2018-09-05 Office 365 Adoption

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