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  • How Fortune 500 Companies Are Leveraging Office 365

    How Fortune 500 Companies Are Leveraging Office 365 on

    70% of Fortune 500s have purchased O365 in the last year…why?

    70% of Fortune 500 companies have purchased Office 365 within the last year. They’ve discovered the subscription-based productivity suite moved far beyond just word- and number-crunching when it migrated to the cloud. The networked applications fuel workforce innovation. That leads to more profits.


    According to a study by Vanson Bourne, companies leveraging cloud services increased their time to market by 20.7%. At the same time, IT spending decreased by 15.1%. As for employees, productivity jumped 18.8%.

    Bottom line

    Faster, better and less expensive is a route to profit. These companies have seen a 19.6% increase in their revenue growth. This is financial proof that cloud services are a sound investment. Companies that use them see a competitive advantage over rivals because they can get more done.

    Change management nightmares

    We’ve heard it before. “This new productivity tool is awesome and we’re all going to start using it so we can be more competitive.”


    Then the learning curve hits. Some people understand it and use it. Others just use a piece of it, and maybe not correctly. Others just ignore it.


    The software investment ends up with little or no return on investment. What good is moving to a cloud-based productivity tool like Office 365 if the migration ends up being more of an obstacle than a solution?


    That’s why MessageOps empowers business units to adopt, consume, and realize the full business value of Office 365. We’ve also expanded our consulting capabilities to include Change Management, which helps companies navigate the transition to Office 365.

    Everyone’s a power user

    The MessageOps Office 365 Adoption platform is a way to encourage everyone in your company to become a power user of the Office 365 suite. Simplicity is at the core of this three-step adoption strategy.

    1. Companies choose an Office 365 vision statement and a corporate communication plan frequency.
    1. They encourage employees to use the robust library of resources, as well as the self-service help desk.
    1. The customized Office 365 Adoption Planning and Change Management Platform is a central hub of engagement that pushes out updates, tips, tricks, and best practices.

    Insert logo here?

    The adoption platform resonates with employees because they see and recognize their own brand. It’s specifically tailored for them, with customized support and flexibility. The program makes Office 365 a true productivity partner for employees by offering:

    • “How To” step-by-step learning processes
    • A company-centric Office 365 department guide
    • A multi-level self-service help desk
    • Adoption plan consulting
    • A life-long end-user communication plan
    • Quick Start guides that are actually helpful for a change
    • Business scenario identification services that help employees see real-world ways to use Office 365
    • A big video library

    Proof of adoption

    What good are resources if nobody uses them? We’ve thought this through, too. The MessageOps platform provides reporting capabilities you can use to check on usage of the help desk, web statistics and even business teams’ performance.

    Online, all the time

    A resource like this needs 24/7 accessibility, which is why we offer the Office 365 Adoption Platform as a website or a SharePoint app with a business’s Office 365 environment.


    People hate change, even when change is good. Successful companies know that Office 365 Adoption improves productivity and makes work life easier.


    The most difficult part of change is the buy-in. Follow the lead of Fortune 500 companies. They’ve learned that being a partner in the migration to Office 365 is the way to quick, yet long-lasting, wins.


    To learn more about how MessageOps can help you drive adoption to its fullest potential (and realize the full business value of your O365 investment), give us a call at 877-788-1617 today.

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