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  • How to Use Microsoft Teams Tabs

    Using Microsoft Teams Tabs

    Give team members quick access to tools, services, and files with Microsoft Teams Tabs. Tabs are always visible at the top of the screen, so everyone can get to them easily.

    • Tabs allow you to integrate the tools and services you love right into your chat or channel.
    • Tabs are always visible at the top and stay with the conversation, so everyone can get to them easily.

    By default, you automatically get a couple of tabs. Files that get uploaded to the chat will live in the files tab. And notes people add will live in the Notes tab.


    Let’s explore some of the other types of tabs you and your team can add.


    Here we have a PowerPoint presentation that people can view or co-edit as a team, a planner for tracking tasks and managing work items, a secure website that members of the channel reference and monitor frequently.


    Now that you’ve seen some of  the data and services you can integrate into tabs, let’s take a look at how to add one yourself. Let’s say you want to add a Power BI report that shows the metrics your team cares about.

    Give the tab a name, choose a report, and hit Save.


    Need to chat about something in a tab? No problem. You can start a conversation in the tab right here.
    People can follow the discussion here, or back in the conversation tab.


    These are just a few examples of what you can currently do with tabs.  Try creating one today!


    Microsoft Teams tabs

    How to Add a Tab in Microsoft Teams

    1. Select  + on the tab bar.
    2. Select the type of tab you want.
    3. Choose what the tab will point to, and give the tab a name.
    4. Select Save.

    Click here to watch the video to learn more

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