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  • Why a Vision Statement Is Important When Adopting Office 365

    Creating a change management strategy and rollout are big tasks, what will your guiding light be?

    Why a Vision Statement Is Important When Adopting Office 365 on

    No matter the size of your business, having a well thought out vision statement is essential to your success with Office 365 Adoption. It will be an integral part of your change management strategy that serves as a guideline for your company’s overall goals. It will help you keep your vision and goals in mind as you start getting lost in the details of your change management and rollout strategies, and well into the future as you grow.

    A vision statement is not a mission statement.

    One of the things to keep in mind is that a vision statement, even though it has some similarities to a mission statement, is different. A vision statement helps to define an organization’s direction, values and the overarching goals for several years. Many companies use this statement as a way to help them identify the things that they need to do or to change in their company in order to reach those goals.

    A vision statement can change as your company does.

    Of course, during the course of running your business, you may find that you need to make changes at some point. This may require looking at and even altering your vision statement to help you accomplish these changes. The initial statement, as well as revisions to the statement will help you do know exactly what you need to focus on with your business and will provide you and your team with a greater awareness of just what you need to do to make those changes.

    A vision statement provides direction.

    A company that doesn’t have any direction will get lost quickly, and that’s not what you need. Take the time and effort needed to create a vision statement that will streamline not only your goals, but also how you make changes to your company. Getting everyone on board with the vision statement as early as possible is a huge benefit. You should seriously consider sitting with your team and discussing what they hope to gain from the switch to Office 365 so that everyone is able to see and embrace this vision.

    A vision statement can be about software.

    When you realize that you need to make changes, you might find that one of those changes will involve the software you are using. As you can imagine, this can be a rather big shift in your company, and it can be difficult to get everyone accustomed to the change quickly. But making it part of your vision will help identify the benefits of the change, motivate people to adopt the new system and overcome their resistance to change.

    A vision statement doesn’t have to be long or complex.

    You don’t need to write a paragraph to have a meaningful vision statement. You can even use ours – “We live the Office 365 lifestyle.”

    And what is the Office 365 lifestyle exactly? You know you’re living it when you and everyone in your company from the top down uses Office 365 for their daily tasks in the ways you outlined in your change management strategy. Everyone troubleshoots their issues through your unique support portal before calling the help desk. Everyone stays on top of updates and new features and discovers new ways to work and collaborate using them. Office 365 is no longer something to learn, but an innate part of the work you and your team do every day.

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