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    Office admins! Here’s how you can create a wiki on Office 365.

    A wiki might be more familiar to you as a page where teams can collect and share information about a project or event. Do you know how the wiki got its name? Ward Cunningham is the man who developed the wiki. He named it after the quick shuttle service between Honolulu airport terminals. The Hawaiian phrase for quick is “wiki wiki.”


    Wikis are easy to create when you’re an Office 365 Admin. They’re helpful ways to build repositories for information. They’re also easy for teams to update and share. Here’s how it’s done.

    Why wiki?

    You have to give Microsoft credit for being thorough. They created an online resource about the care and feeding of a wiki. It’s everything you might care to know, but probably more than you need to know.


    Microsoft says you can use wikis to quickly capture and share ideas. A wiki creates simple pages, and links them together. They can be large and packed with information. A good example would be your company’s knowledge base, where you’d find everything you need to know about policies and procedures. Anyone can contribute, so it’s always up to date.


    A wiki can also be a small undertaking. You could create one for an upcoming conference or even one for a Friday potluck lunch gathering.


    You already have a wiki: your team site. Wikis can be powerful collaboration tools. They’re easy for you as an Office 365 Admin to create. They’re even easier for teams to use. Anyone can edit wiki pages without any special editing tools. They’re so intuitive to use that they need little documentation. If you can use a word processor, you can contribute to a wiki. Microsoft’s wikis make it stress-free for team members to contribute without having to retype, or cut and paste. Just add a link!

    Make one right now!

    As an Office 365 Admin, you have permissions to create a site, library, or pages in SharePoint.


    There are 4 quick steps after you’ve signed on.


    1. Click the settings gear on your dashboard and select Add an app.


    2. Select Wiki Page Library on the Apps page. You might not see the wiki option on the first page. Don’t be alarmed. Keep scrolling, or use the search window to get right to it.


    3. When you find and click on the wiki App, you’ll be prompted to give it a name.


    4. Click Create.


    When you visit the wiki you’ve just created, you’ll see some sample content. That’s to get you and your team past the anxiety of staring at an empty page.


    These instructions are for creating a wiki for a specific project, subject, or team. If you want to create a much deeper resource for the entire company, consider creating an Enterprise wiki site.

    Editing your wiki

    Jump right in and edit the default content Microsoft places on your new wiki. Or replace it with any content you’ve already prepared for the wiki. Kickstart collaboration by adding placeholder links that you or other team members will create later.


    You’ll notice that editing and creating content for a wiki is straightforward. Use the buttons on the ribbon to format your text. It’s also home for content insertion tools. Use them to add pictures, tables, hyperlinks, and Web Parts.


    The thing about wikis is that they’re supposed to make it quick to find things. They’re useful because they’re simple. Keep that in mind as you structure your wiki library. It’s best to give specific subtopics their own wiki pages. Then you can just add a link to that page on the wiki page devoted to the general subject.

    • To add wiki links to other pages, type the name of the page surrounded by double square brackets: [[Page Name]]
    • If you wanted to add a wiki link to a page named “Local Restaurants that Deliver,” type: [[Local Restaurants that Deliver]]

    OMG! What if that page doesn’t exist yet? Never fear, you can create a link to the page anyway. When you save your edits, the placeholder link will have a dotted line beneath it. It’s your wiki reminder to create it later. You or any member of the team can do that just by clicking on the link.

    Wiki Wonders

    Wikis are as beneficial as they are flexible. Use them as a lightweight project manager, or as your company’s comprehensive knowledge database. Microsoft’s wiki creation and management tools can handle both extremes and everything in between.

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