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    Yammer Tips for You

    Remember you can get all of our YamTips in real time by following the Yammer Twitter account. Search and the Discovery feed work hand in hand to help me find important information


    Search for answers and use the Discovery feed

    Search: Chances are very good that a message, a file, or a coworker can answer those pressing questions you have and in a timely way. Use full-text search to quickly find files, conversations, people, expertise, notes, and data across your Yammer network. Common questions are: Who’s the expert? Where’s the information I need? How can I answer my question? Before I create a group, is there already one out there?


    Discovery feed:  Keeping up to date with your organization’s information is what the discovery feed is all about. The Discovery feed is like an information hub that surfaces conversations you might miss from relevant groups. Updates in the Discovery feed clearly identify which groups the conversations come from and provide the ability to quickly navigate to and join the groups. Stay on top of relevant conversations, files and projects happening across the company. The Discovery feed also let you quickly engage in conversations, @mention coworkers to loop them into a discussion, and preview documents.


    Search for content

    1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account, and then on the app launcher , click Yammer.
    2. At the top of the left pane in the Search box, type a search word or phrase, and then press RETURN.
    3. A results list is displayed as categorized results for easier selection.
    4. If the results list is long, when you reach the bottom of the list, click More

    Use discovery feed

    1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account, and then on the app launcher , click Yammer.
    2. In the top navigation bar, click Home . The feed is displayed in the middle pane.
    3. Click the link you want:
      • Discovery This is a feed of the conversations most relevant to you, based on what you subscribe to and your interactions with Yammer network content. Use it to catch up on urgent conversations and discover what others are doing. Up to three unread announcements are displayed at the top so that you won’t miss important announcements.
      • All These are all the conversations for which you have access within your organization’s network.

    Following    These are the conversations you actively subscribe to including: conversations that your followers have participated in or liked, conversations that have been tagged with a topic you follow, and conversations that have been posted in one of your Groups.

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